Our Tennis Champions Take The Finals

Two teams triumphed to win the finals.

Primary School Looking Forward To Boom

Diggers Rest Primary School is relishing the town’s growth.

Lions At Work at the Steam Rally

The Lions Club cooked and served at the 2014 Steam Rally.

Old School Teaches New School

Students from the Diggers Rest Primary School stepped back.

Lydia Meets Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Lydia Lassila shakes the PM's hand at the official welcome home celebration for olympians.

Lydia At Home With The Community

Winter Olympic medallist Lydia Lassila has unveiled a new library collection at Diggers Rest Community Centre.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Get to Know Your Personality at a Personal Development Workshop -12 July 2014

By knowing yourself, you can make better choices.

By understanding who you are and what motivates you, you can make better choices in every part of your life and experience real success and happiness as a result. During this interactive and empowering 90 minute workshop, you will learn:
  • 5 principles for achieving long-term success used by the healthy, wealthy and wise 
  • How you like to relate as a person and how you run your relationships 
  • The 6 core human needs and why only 2 of them really matter
  • Your personality type
Hosted by the Melton City Council

Cost: $5.00 and lunch's included 

Saturday 12 July 2014, 1pm - 2.30pm

Diggers Rest Family Services Centre,
Plumpton Road, Diggers Rest
Telephone 9740-0817  or Email paulinec@melton.vic.gov.au

A New Flower Growing Group in Diggers Rest

Hosted by the Melton City Council, a flower group has started in Diggers.
There's a lot more to growing beautiful flowers than you might think and gardeners are very passionate about their turf. Why not get involved? Its a great way of learning about gardening and meeting new friends.

The group needs numbers to get started so let Paula know that you want to be there.

Thursdays, 11am - 12.30pm
Family Services Centre
Plumpton Road, Diggers Rest

Email: paulinec@melton.vic.gov.au
Diggers Rest
Cost: $2,00

Rotary Are Feeding The Many Every Monday Night

It began with a good idea to help the needy and grew into a great success. Now, you can give the kitchen a little help with a simple vote.
Photograph by the Rotary Club, Working in the kitchen
In September 2013, the Rotary Club of Sunbury started a community kitchen to feed people with hardship. Rotarian Neil Williams with his wife Maryanne ran the first free weekly three-course meals for people in need. Only two customers turned up on that first evening.

Now the Monday nights are packed with people with full tummies and good friendship. It has brought new hope and changed lives. People are enjoying healthy meals and have hope of defeating depresion and loneliness. They talk, engage and laugh as they sit in good company.

The community kitchen is run by volunteers but still costs money. With ongoing costs exceeding $4,500 they need help financially to make it viable. Recently, the Sunbury Rotary Kitchen entered a competition to win a  $1,000 grant from the Leader newspapers and are asking for everyone's vote to win.

The Rotary Club do a lot of work outside of the kitchen to makeup the finance shortfall. You would probably see them around town at sausage sizzles, raffles and events to continually raise funds that are needed for all sorts of charities.

It's a great cause run by great people who care. Give them a hand by voting online.

Vote for the kitchen at the Leader Newspaper
or follow the project on Facebook

Monday, 9 June 2014

Beyond the Brink - Victoria

Change is accelerating. Do you know what it will mean to us by 2050?

Are we beyond the brink already?

This article is based on reports produced by the most reputable science institutions of Australia and America. Many of the forecasts are extracted from the Australian Government Department of the Environment Victoria Climate change impacts in Vic report.

And it is bloody scary.
 Putting your head in the sand won't make it go away

Victoria is Australia's smallest yet most densely populated and urbanised mainland state. It is the second most populous Australian state with approximately 5.6 million people. The Bureau of Statistics claims that, by the middle of the century, the proportion of Australians living in capital cities will have climbed from 66 to 72 per cent. On this course, by 2050 Victoria's population will exceed 9.3 million people. However large masses of climate disaster refugees are expected to migrate to less impacted regions such as Victoria.

The oceans will rise by the minimum of 0.5 metres by 2050 (from a 2010 Harvard report). However this estimation do not include the recent break away of West Antarctic Ice Shelf that will add another 0.5 to 2.0 metres of sea level rise by the end of the century.

A 1.1 metre sea level rise will destroy up to 48,000 Victorian homes- currently valued to $11 billion. A 1.1. metre sea level rise will also destroy 3500 kilometres of Victoria's roads ($9.8 billion), up to 125 kilometres of railways ($500 million) and up to 2000 commercial buildings ($12 billion).
Our summers are getting hotter for longer. Each summer we experience about 9 days of temperatures over 35 degrees. Although we do not have a report for 2050, by 2070 we will get 26 days over 35 degrees. Bendigo is predicted to experience 30 days of high or extreme fire conditions by 2050. Mildura is expected to face up to 107 days of very high or extreme fire risk by 2050, up from 80 days currently experienced.

Water supplies will be pushed and unimaginable bush fires will destroy our forests, farms, homes and even entire towns. A direct impact will be heat related stress deaths of the elderly, homeless and sick. There will 1318 heat related deaths per annum by 2050.

Victoria's winters will become colder as the climate becomes more extreme. Cold-related deaths are expected to reach up to 1164 in the year 2100.

The snow season may decrease by up to 96 per cent by 2050, with a dramatic reduction in snow depth. Snow cover at Mt Hotham (where the highest elevation is 1882 metres) could reduce from 129 days currently down to between 21 and 114 days by 2050.

Animals, plants and even entire ecosystems will be severely impacted. The Mountain Pygmy Possum that occupy habitat at the highest elevations and in the coldest environments will have nowhere to retreat as the climate warms. The Phillip Island penguins will reduce in numbers as bush fire ash and dusty winds destroys their habitat.

Victoria's agriculture will suffer. Expected declines in population by 2050 are: wheat 13.4%, beef 6.5%, sheep 12.9% and diary 10%.

On 22 May 2014, an El Niño began, causing a dry beginning to Winter, the El Niño will become established by August but the effect on this summer has not been forecast.

There are other climate changes that have not yet have impact predictions for Victoria. Some of these changes include: rapidly rising acidic seas, 0.8°C rise in Victoria’s east coast waters, the strongest winds in the Southern Ocean for a 1000 years.

Extreme storms will cause the most devastation. In recent years we have witnessed several high density, advanced cities destroyed in singles days by hurricanes. The climate changes create super-storms that are unpredictable in every way.

This article has not talked about interstate changes such as the potential loss of the Great Barrier Reef by 2050 but the information is readily accessible on the Internet.

Most of the source reports stated that their forecasts are conservative (best we can hope for) and the changes are irreversible (e.g. we can no longer stop the Antarctic ice shelf from melting). These forecasts are not politically motivated, they are what the scientific community believe are true.

Read more about the subject and decide what you are going to do.

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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Bulla Tip Stinks

Our community is getting increasingly worried about the Bulla Rubbish Tip and some residents requested Diggers Rest Talk to follow this subject.
Photograph by Daniel De Carteret - Bulla landfill failed to cover asbestos waste

Extract of article by  Helen Grimaux of the Northern Star Weekly, 6 May 2014

Bulla and Tullamarine residents kick up tip stink

There’s something rotten about the Bulla tip, neighbour Carmel Egan claimed last week. Citing clouds of dust, paper and plastic rubbish, mud and an acrid smell, other neighbours say there are times they could not invite friends over or enjoy the outdoors because of the odour.

A recent Hume council meeting agenda included a request to extend the life of the privately owned tip on Sunbury Road in Bulla, and a decision to abandon development plans for buffer land around the former Tullamarine toxic waste dump at Westmeadows.

Nineteen speakers told councillors what they thought during the two minutes they were each allocated for feedback during question time. Bulla residents argued strongly against extending the tip’s permit for another 10 years and urged councillors to limit the extension to three years, as proposed by Cr Jack Ogilvie.

Extract of Report by Daniel De Carteret, Dangerous Ground, Monash University Arts, 2 August 2012

Government agencies failed to respond adequately to asbestos risk

A lack of coordination between the Environment Protection Authority, WorkSafe Victoria and local government has raised questions about the handling of public health incidents arising from potential exposure to asbestos fibres.

An EPA report produced after an inspection of a landfill in Bulla found that asbestos had not been covered sufficiently to prevent the release of fibres to the air

While the EPA put an action plan in place to ensure environmental impacts were resolved, an investigation by Monash University investigative journalism students found that neither WorkSafe nor Hume City Council were brought in to assess the human health risks.

More will follow as this story unfolds. Let Diggers Rest Talk know about it.

Diggers Rest Takeaway - New Management

Welcome to the new Cradle Road Fish and Chip shop management.
The Diggers Rest Takeaway is an important store for the town because it provides quick and easy meals for people in a hurry. Over the years, the store has been either run well or struggled to engage with the resident's needs. The good news is that the new owner, Felicity, is going back to basics with an approach to provide simple, good products when we need them. 

From now on we will be able to pick up fish and chips every day from 10:00am to 8:00pm (Fridays 8:30pm).

Please give Felicity a chance and shop locally.

Diggers Rest Takeaway
27 Cradle Road
Diggers Rest
03 9740 1955

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