Friday, 4 January 2013

Diggers Rest Pub - Eyesore or Heritage?

According to a Melton Weekly report, the Diggers Rest Hotel is an unwanted eyesore that should be demolished. Local residents want a new pub somewhere else in town. There is debate about whether the building represents an important part of Australian history, licenced in 1854.

There are many younger ruins scattered around the country that are tourist attractions. The Port Arthur convict establishment was built in 1853. The famous ruins of Kanyaka station, in the Flinders Ranges, were built in 1856.

The Diggers Rest has some fascinating construction. The fire in revealed secrets including walls built from local rock instead of brick and the elegance of a once grand staircase. Some Diggers Rest residents have requested the Melton Council to list the hotel ruin as heritage so that the facade would be preserved if rebuilt.

There is also the matter of danger. While the owners have built sturdy fences to stop people from entering, it is possible to cut in the grounds or climb the wire.

What are your thoughts? Demolish, move or rebuild the Diggers Rest hotel.

There's even a Facebook Group debating the points.

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