Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Five Great Places To Eat Around Sunbury

1. Jacks Wine Bar

Situated near... nowhere... This bar is a great surprise for anyone who loves atmosphere. Jack's Bar when opened in 2012 was instantly popular. Initially the patrons were local and now people come from all over Victoria to experience the quirky, rustic decor. It is worth dropping in just to look at how Malcolm has reused many secondhand building materials to renovate an old shed. The ciders and beers are good, great wood fired pizzas and the meals are a reasonable price.

Oficially named: BlackHill Estate
620 Blackhill Rd. Toolern Vale, VIC 3337. Ph: 04 0837 8944
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2. Royal Hotel

In the heart of Sunbury. Very affordable and the charms of a country pub in the heart of an outer city. This is the place people who like to eat a hearty lunch at a discount price or who need a break from shopping. The service is quick and the food is good.

63 Evans St, Sunbury, Victoria, 3429. Ph: 03 9744 1550

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3. Soltan Pepper
Setting the standards for other restaurants. The ingredients are fresh and the views of Sunbury are nice. At times it can be a little crowded and the service a little slow but that the price of a great place to eat. Soltan Pepper has been a tremendous success in Romsey and recently brought their service to the Sunbury township. Did we mention the view?

Shop 11. 106-112 Gap Road, Sunbury, Vic 3429. Ph: 9740 9990

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4. Mount Macedon Hotel
Everyone is pleased that the hotel has reopened. The premises have been beautifully restored, it's open 7 days a week, and there's a good variety of meals. You often order pizzas at the bar and the scenery is wondeful. Of course, after your lunch, you could tour around the Mount to explore the gardens and the top.

694 Mt Macedon Road, Mt Macedon, VIC 3441.  Ph: 03 5426 1888

5. Bombay Marsala Restaurant
Most people like Indian foods and this is a quality place to eat. It has both eat in and take away and the food is delicious. Being reasonably new, many folk do not know about it so it's easy to get a booking most nights and the service is quick. We have been there many times and enjoy the butter chicken and prawn malay.

19 Brook st. Sunbury, VIC 3429. Ph: 03 9740 4333

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