Monday, 25 November 2013

The Mystery of Hoa Vien Viet Nam Temple

Original Article by Sunbury and Macedon Ranges Leader
Written by Liam McAleer, Photographs by Dennis Manktelow

Hidden behind gold wrought-iron gates and an intricately decorated concrete wall, the little-known garden and temple called Hoa Vien Viet Nam has fallen into a state of disrepair. A series of large religious sculptures line the driveway of the Edwards Rd property, while several other marble statues remain in their tattered plastic wrapping inside broken wooden shipping crates. Scattered around the grounds are crates of Vietnamese-style roof tiles, ponds, fountains, huts, lanterns and two high statues.

There are many local rumours about how the temple came to ruin include: insufficient funds, lack of building permits and homicide.

Do you know why the temple was started and how it came to ruin? We would love to uncover the truth.

Photographs Below by Dennis Manktelow

Extract from the Melton Leader Original Article by Journalist, Liam McAleer

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