Friday, 13 December 2013

A Wonderful Christmas Carol

The festive season is upon Diggers Rest where people know how to a fun. Children, parents, teachers, Lions, and performers had a terrific time on the 12th December 2013.

Teachers Performing
Everyone seem to enjoy the occasion on a lovely summer evening as the Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 belted out with gusto. Excellent local performers (Rachel Chetcuti, Joshua Tooth and Sol Lucia Fossati) lifted the night to a higher note, playing and singing the best of carols. The teachers showed the town their hidden talents while Master Of Ceremonies Gary Rhodes brought cheer and humour to the proceedings.
The students and crowd enjoying the performance

The Lions Club congratulated the years sixes for their years with personalised pens and over twenty prizes were raffled. Everyone looked up when fire engine sirens announced a surprise visit by Santa Claus.
Santa entering the school grounds

Of course every great event has great people behind the scenes. The teachers and students rehearsed for hours and the performers volunteered their time. The parent committee assisted in many ways including organising the raffle. The Lions club, particularly Lion Silvan Francis, volunteered for over a hundred hours to raise money, organise security, performers, and food for everyone to enjoy. A lot of credit goes to Principal Paul Yeatman who encouraged everyone to do the right thing.

 Mayor Bob Turner, Master of Ceremonies Gary Rhodes, Principal Paul Yeatman, Lion Silvan Francis

There were also distinguished guests who modestly supported the town from the sidelines. We were lucky to be visited by Mayor Cr Bob Turner and Deputy Cr Sophie Ramsey who supported the volunteers and loved the community spirit. 

Did you enjoy the night and what would you say were the highlights?  

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