Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Diggers Rest May Be Out Of Melton Sooner Than We Think

Cr Jack Ogilvie told his Hume council colleagues last week that the axe should fall sooner rather than later to separate Sunbury from Hume. He strongly recommended that the action should happen as quickly as possible. Cr Ogilvie disagrees with the recommended boundaries of the new council and urged that Diggers Rest be incoporated into the newly form Sunbury Shire.

Many Diggers Rest folk would gladly be officially part of Sunbury because the current political boundaries split Diggers Rest in half and the residents feel a strong companionship with Sunbury shops, friends and work. Moreover, Diggers Rest often feels like the poor cousin of Melton and Caroline Springs in a similar way that Sunbury feel about the Hume Council hub of Broadmeadows.

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