Friday, 13 December 2013

Diggers Rest / Sunbury Population Growth Plan

What is the plan for the Diggers Rest / Sunbury area over the next twenty years? Is it reasonable to think of these areas as separate townships or one broader city? What is the future according to the Victorian metropolitan plans and the separate councils? Is it wise to split the area into political regions (like the Berlin Wall) or govern the combined suburbs as a united community

The Victorian Metropolitan Plan clearly outlines that Sunbury and Diggers Rest will be combined.

By examining the proposed urban growth areas, it is clear that Sunbury and Diggers Rest will merge and perhaps include Bulla. Moreover, note that the map proposes that there will be a physical separation from Melton and Broadmeadows.

The Hume and Melton currently identify three sections of the region as Sunbury, Diggers Rest and Plumpton. Therefore the combined population forecasts for all of these areas must be aggregated for a total viewpoint
By these estimates the area's population will 72%, from 177,330 to 305,502 people.

How does this compare to other Victorian city populations?
  • Geelong 2013 population = 218,361
  • Bendigo  2013 population is 103,722
  • Ballarat 2013 population is 97, 983
It would be reasonable to assume that Sunbury would be large enough to be it's own city but why would it? Diggers Rest is closely linked in economic, education and transport infrastructure. The train and freeway arterial are linked. Lastly should Plumpton and Diggers Rest continue to be forced to engage with remote emergency services from Melton and Caroline Springs.

We welcome your views on this topic and invite further data / speculation of this matter.

Extracted from the Hume City Council Population Forecast and the Melton City Council Population Forecast.

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