Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Does Diggers Rest Deserve A War Memorial?

Many towns across Australia have memorials to help the communities remember those who fought for our country. Unfortunately, due to a relatively small population post World War II, Diggers Rest never found the funds to erect a monument.

Australia's war memorial at Fromelles, France. Up to 400 Australian and British soldiers are believed to be buried in a nearby mass grave.

However, some residents are asking if a memorial could be constructed for events such as ANZAC and Remembrance day. Such a project would be reasonable in today's world and fitting to the past sacrifices of townsfolk and future residents of our growing suburb. There are several Vietnam veterans in town and, in recent years, some of our young men have toured wars in Iraq and Afganistan. Their bravery of our country should not be forgotten nor ignored. Family members would also like to pay tribute to our soldier's call to arms.

The Lions Club holds a board of honour from World War I in the heritage school house. There are no local record of soldiers serving in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, East Timor, Iraq and Afganistan. Unfortunately Sunbury RSL lost their local records years ago and therefore can not help. However, the federal government maintains a deep record of serving soldier and may be able to assist

If a community group were to form to create a memorial, then they would receive a assistance from Diggers Rest Talk, who have connections to a variety of organisations and specialise in data mining research.

Does Diggers Rest deserve a war memorial and would you like to participate in building a significant landmark for our town?

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