Sunday, 1 December 2013

Eight Diggers Rest Heritage Sites Planned For Destruction

It appears that up to eight heritage sites are planned for destruction as per the Metropolitan Ring Road Plans as documented in the Hume Planning Scheme.

The Hume City Council Schedule To The Heritage Overlay lists the following sites:

  • Holden Ford & Bridge Bulla-Diggers Rest Road, (over Jacksons Creek), 
  • Duncan’s Lane Bridge(over tributary of Jacksons Creek), 
  • Oakbank (barn, dairy, tank) 185 Bulla-Diggers Rest Road,
  • Glencoe 250 Duncans Lane (rear), 
  • Shipley Bank 55 Edwards Road,
  • Tate’s Ford & Bridge Over Jacksons Creek east of McLeods Road,
  • Sunbury Rock Festivals Site Jacksons Creek north of Glencoe Drive,
  • House (former Little) 25 McLeods Road,

The Melton City Council Overlay Reports not included in this article

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