Monday, 16 December 2013

From the Ashes Emerges a New Diggers Rest Post Office

Everyone is excited to see the unveiling of the new Diggers Rest post office.

Barry In Front Of The New Store

In June 2011, the town lost an icon and community hub, when the old post office was burned beyond repair. Barry and Rhonda were devastated to see their living in cinders and faced the harsh reality of rebuilding the store.
Barry and Rhonda in June 2011

Barry faced many complex planning regulations to fit into the Council and Australian Post policies. One delay after another postponed the reconstruction. Barry was forced to run the post office from a red office that looked like a shipping container, for two years. Ever easy going and likable, he kept his reputation of the principle means of communication around town.

Through adversity, he fought on until the new post office and general store reopened today.

Today, the store opened and it is very impressive. It is clean, light and airy. Barry was very busy as everyone seemed to want to talk or get things done. The new store is more than a post office. It includes a coffee shop, newspapers, magazines, drinks, lunches, gift cards and friendly staff.

Thank you Barry and family.

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