Monday, 30 December 2013

Pets Terrified On New Years Eve

Some Diggers Rest families are not looking forward to the celebrations because their dogs and horses are frightened of fireworks. The loud noises and dramatic flares make the animals panic and every year animals escape from their homes or run into dangerous objects. Escaped animals could run into the path of cars or be picked up by the council, who charge large fees to return the pets.

While there may be nothing we can do about the illegal fireworks there are things you can do to minimise our animals distress.
  • Contain your pet in your house or garage overnight. Ensure there is a comfortable bed, plenty of water and food available.
  • If you are going out, leave your pet in the care of a friend or family member who is not going out.
  • Check there is no way to escape from the backyard. Make sure your fence-line does not have any loose fence pailings or holes.
  • Ensure your pet wears appropriate identification and registration tags at all times, to increase the chance of being reunited if they do escape.
If you find a stray pet during the night or next day then post a notice on Facebook and let Diggers Rest Talk know about it. We'll help get the message out. If you have not luck with social media then contact either the Melton (9747 7200) or Hume (9205 2200) councils, who will arrange a pick up.

Check on your pets as soon as you can after the fireworks. If it is missing then ask friends to look for it immediately and use social media / posters to tell people around town. As soon as the post office is opened in the new year, ask Barry if he would put your poster in the store.

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