Friday, 13 December 2013

The Cost to Commute

An inner-city resident living five kilometres from the city who owns a small car but commutes by public transport would save $5,772 a year. Full-time workers who drive between Melbourne's suburbs and the CBD spend on average $6,000 to $10,000 a year more on commuting than workers who take public transport.

A report titled, "Commuter costs and potential savings", compared public transport and car commuting costs in seven Australian capital cities. It found driving was the more expensive option in all of them.

A resident of outer Melbourne who works five days a week in the CBD, does not own a car and commutes 25 kilometres by public transport would spend $17,949 less a year on commuting.

There are more factors to consider when considering the mode of transports. Flexibility of when to travel. Traffic jams compared to train failures. Difficulty of commuting to any other suburb than the Melbourne CBD hub. Erroneous MYKI  that may result in undue fines. Dangers of car crashes versus train hoodlums.

What is your experience? Working on trains and buses.

Does this analysis stack up? Have you compared the options?

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