Wednesday, 1 January 2014

A Funny Little Story About How To Raise Money - Lions Club of Diggers Rest

Ever wondered how a small club could raise a lot of money for those in need? Sometimes it take a bit of cunning, good friends and breaking the rules for the right reason.

In 1983 the deadliest bushfire in Australian history (until Black Saturday bush fires in 2009) took: 3,700 buildings, 2,545 homes, 75 people's lives, and hundreds of thousands of livestock. Volunteers from around Australia chipped in to help the victims and their families.

Our Lions Club had a plan up their sleeves to raise over $8,000 in one weekend. The year 1983 predated the Calder Freeway bypass which meant that thousands of cars would drive pass the Diggers Rest railway station every day.

The Lions worked with the local station master who agreed with their plan.

The stationmaster would close the railway gates, effectively stopping all of the Bendigo - Melbourne cars. While the gates were closed the Lions rattled tins at every car window. Drivers, being aware of the fire victims needs, generously donated good sums of money. Once the traffic banked up too far, the stationmaster opened the gates again. The stationmaster and Lions did this trick many times throughout that weekend.

Below as an article that covered the mid year change over report:

How would you feel if you were a driver trapped at Diggers Rest? We are told that everyone had the good Australian spirit of giving and appreciated the fund raiser.

Thanks to David O'Conner for scanning the, "Lions came to aid of fire appeal" View more about David's local history on his Facebook page.

The Lions Club of Diggers Rest are just as active to today and you can follow them on Facebook too.

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