Monday, 6 January 2014

Alternative Commuting for Diggers Rest over January

Thank You For Suggestions Rockleigh Tours

Alternative travel arrangements that are available for Sunbury commuters over the January shut down:

Travel from Clarkefield and Riddells Creek

It cost the same as Sunbury on myki are to travel from Clarkefield and Riddells creek. As these are still Vline stations Vline are running express service to and from nth melb and southern cross to these stations.

Gisborne Station

Drive to Gisborne station where there are more regular express services. But cost more

Bus to Essendon

Catch the 483 Moonee ponds bus to Essendon station then straight on a loop train.

Metro Bus & Train

Is the metro train, hop off onto a overcrowded bus,then onto another train option. Long long long ridiculously long travel time.

Go On A Holiday

Preferred option. go on an extended holiday and enjoy.


Ride to work.


Take the car get stuck in traffic pay tolls, pay exuberant fuel prices, pay parking, put up with road rage, road closures, tunnel closures and generally just get frustrated.

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