Monday, 13 January 2014

Billy Thorpe Plaque Returns

Billy Thorpe was a major draw card act at the Sunbury Pop Festival. In 2007, a memorial was placed at festival site at placed at the end of Duncan’s Lane, Diggers Rest.

Billy and Lynn Thorpe
In 2012,  Sunbury resident Deborah Sweeney visited the Holden Flora and Fauna Reserve to take photos of the plaque honouring Thorpe and the Sunbury Pop Festival, only to find it vandalised and stolen. Billy's widow Lynn Thorpe and her Facebook friends were dismayed and saddened by the loss.
Deborah Sweeney
Photograph by the Hume Leader
Over the Christmas break, someone placed the lost plaque in the Sunbury Salvos bin. The plaque was wrapped in green bubble wrap and was hidden among clothes.

It is a great surprise and everyone is glad that the item will be returned to its original place.
Gina, Mayor Casey Nunn and Reneice Ewels with the Billy Thorpe plaque
Photograph by the Herald Sun
Thank you to the volunteers and the person who returned the historical artifact. We hope that this act never happens again and the criminal pays for the distress that they caused.
Original Plaque Mounted at the Duncan's farm
Read more about the plaque's return at the Herald Sun

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