Friday, 3 January 2014

David Is On Board When It Comes To Local History

David O'Connor, from Diggers Rest, gain notoriety in the Herald Sun, 3 January 2013, when the newpaper covered his passion in getting a historical group up and running.

A community project is being launched to compile the scattered historical archives of Diggers Rest
into one book to be used as a resource. Pam Allan and David O'Connor.
Source: News Limited

David and friends have been gathering artifact about Diggers Rest for years. He has scanned hundreds of local newspapers to learn about the events of our town. His friends have built up a large repository of documents that make up pieces of a puzzle, dating back to the 1800s. Some of those scanned articles are on David's Facebook page and his Diggers Rest web site

David is now inviting other residents to join the historical group.  He has garnered support from the: Melton City Council, Melton & District Historical Society, Melton Library and Digger Rest Primary School have already indicated their support and David is asking other clubs to participate.

It appears that the historical group's first project is to publish a book. Such an artifact would be a historical heirloom for the growing town of Diggers Rest.

Lets see how the David and his group goes and wish them luck in their endeavours.

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