Thursday, 2 January 2014

Junior Football - A Terrific Way Of Getting Kids Involved In Sport

The Junior Football Club of Diggers Rest is preparing for the 2014 season and inviting kids and parents to find out about our club.

There are terrific reasons to get kids involved in football:

  1. Children love sport! Running around and having a go, Football is a great way for children to run around and use up some of what seems like an endless supply of energy.
  2. Friendly competition teaches life skills. It is a fun way to build up the confidence required to be successful in school and provides an understanding of both achievement and disappointment in a supportive atmosphere.
  3. Overall health and fitness is becoming increasingly important in a society where physical activity has been replaced by the convenience of technology. Competitive team sports are an opportunity for people of all ages to have fun while exercising with the encouragement of your team and supporters.
  4. The social benefits are also well worth mentioning. Your child not only will have an interest they can share with others but will also get to mix with a new group of people. This allows social skills to be improved and increased self-esteem.
  5. Football in particular will help improve physical fitness, hand-eye coordination and communication through working as a team. Club members enjoy a feeling of community and friendship.
The teams kicking off for 2014 are:
  • Boys and girls from under 10 to under 14, 
  • Boys under 16 Season 2014 and 
  • Girls interested in being involved in the planning of a Youth Girls Competition!
Please contact Mel Tyquin on 0400 742 187

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