Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Memories of a Great Dad with a Community Spirit

Marty Weaver recently discovered how much his father, Vernon Weaver, did for Diggers Rest and Melton.

Marty found old newspapers that told a story of a great man. His father, Cr Vernon Weaver was a mayor of Melton, president of the Diggers Rest cricket club and contributed much to the Football, Tennis and Bowling clubs. Vernon was instrumental in turning the township into a clean place with roads, footpaths and bitumen roads. He helped form a youth group and aided the kindergarten to locate where it is today.

Unfortunately Marty missed many years of his father who died suddenly in a terrible car accident in 1989 while driving home from Western Australia. The accident shocked our township but Vernon had set the stage for a great community to develop.

Our hearts go out to Marty and we hope that his recent findings help him to realise how great his father was to everyone who knew him.

Excerpt from the Melton and Moorabool Weekly with permission from Marty Weaver.

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