Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Share Historical Photographs With 700+ Members

A new Facebook group is dedicated to the history of Sunbury and surrounds.

The aim is to spread the knowledge be it from old newspapers, archives or old timers who can tell us stories from days gone by. Some of the well known places include Rupertswood, Emu Bottom, The Ashes, The Asylum and on it goes. Perhaps lesser known include, The Sunbury Industrial School, Cannon Gully, The Kelly Gang links, the racetrack and other sporting events. The Aboriginal Earth or Bora rings.

There are also discussions about history within reach in places such as Kyneton and around The Macedon Ranges.

If you have any old photos then please share them with the group and you can see what other people are doing.

Group created by Dave (Aussie Beard) admins Dave White & Dave Evans. No photo is to be taken from Facebook without the permission of the owner.

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