Monday, 6 January 2014

Spam, Scam or Ambulance Victoria

Ambulance Victoria has recently started sending invoices out to people via e-mail - not by post.

It might be a clever way of reducing Ambulance Victoria's costs: no staff to print and insert the bills, no postage fees, automated services by a computer but what about the customer risks?

It is relatively easy to create a fake looking website and then send e-mails out to everyone informing them that they must pay into fake accounts. We should never open e-mail links because the sites may contain viruses or trojans that infect our computers. Financial Institutions such as banks never send information about themselves by e-mail because of the multitude of e-mail fraud.

Why on earth would Ambulance Victoria cease advise by mail post to only send bills out by e-mail without warning their customers. People are finding out too late that the e-mails that they ignored or deleted were actually reminders for Ambulance Victoria insurance. People are not covered because of the actions of the State's Emergency service.

What would you do if you received an e-mail claiming to be a bill for Ambulance Victoria? Would you recognise a fake from the truth? Would you deposit your money into that account? Have you been scammed already by unscrupulous online organisations?

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