Thursday, 16 January 2014

Sunbury Means Huge Rate Rise For Diggers Rest

A rate rise of more than 14% may hit Diggers Rest who currently live in the Melton shire.

In 2013, a report from accounting firm KPMG was commissioned by Local Government Minister Jeanette Powell. The report revealed that Diggers Rest residents could be hit hard by the transfer from Melton to the proposed Sunbury council.

Many residents already believe that council rates are too high. Melton city council has slashed several services for Diggers Rest in recent years including the annual fare and carols night. At the same time of slashing the council rates have risen dramatically.

On the flip side there maybe a benefit from a closer relationship to Sunbury and an overall vision for the region - possibly making a rise worthwhile.

How much would the Sunbury council worth to you?

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