Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Toolern Vale Fire Brigade Captain Craig Dunshae Chosen For Leadership

The CFA chief officer Euan Ferguson has carefully selected 20 volunteers to work with him in 2014 on a leadership program. We're proud that Craig Dunshae of Toolern Vale was one of the members chosen.

Craig Dunshae. Source: News Limited
Craig is a very active CFA member who has involved himself in public exhibitions and talks including the World Fire Fighting Games and "An Art of Fire Fighting" display.

He is very pleased with the invitation to participate in the leadership role that involves weekend sessions and home study. Craig says, "This program is potentially life-changing and is an opportunity to not only become a better leader but a better person," and is impressed with the way the chief speaks openly about himself and the force.

Craig encourages other firefighter to learn and improve so that their lives could also benefit.

Congratulations to a local volunteer and all of the best in 2014.

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