Tuesday, 11 February 2014

21 Speed Humps On Welcome Road To Proceed

The Melton council overrode Diggers Rest concerns to pass that the traffic management plans, which includes 21 speed humps, will proceed.

The councilors stated that the decision is based upon safety concerns - not potential litigation against council officers. The resident's concerns were not as important as those risks.

While the decision may be reasonable or questionable, it frustrates our community that Melton Council pretend that they want feedback. Time and time again the council make up their minds, request community feedback, then proceed in spite of what we say or even document.

Cr Sophie Ramsey claimed that the council will seek resident feedback before deciding whether to cut off the end of Welcome Road but it is highly unlikely that our views will make any difference to the plans.

There are so many examples of council pretending to take community feedback, only to proceed regardless of the response. The ugly, interpretative Houdini sculpture is clearly out of place but we were told that it did matter what we thought, the council had already decided on a selection of awful designs. The tennis club submitted a letter to council stating that a netball court did not fit next to tennis courts any more that a basketball court would fit next to a golf course. Despite being read in a council meeting and being offer additional funds to locate the netball court any where else, the council did exactly the wrong thing with harassment and bullying. There are many more cases that would prove this point.

Perhaps the Melton council should stop pretending to listen and simply tell the community that they are going to proceed as planned because feedback is not heard.

Read more about the traffic management decision at the Melton and Moorabool Weekly titled, "Diggers Rest traffic plan gets council nod despite objections" By Tara Murray, 13:20:PM 11/02/2014 

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