Monday, 17 February 2014

Cindy - Out Of The Ashes

This little lady was found by CFA firefighters last Thursday - she’s still a pouch baby but she was found on her own with badly burnt feet following the Mickleham fire.
Cindy the Joey, Photos courtesy of Sue Kirwan, Help for Wildlife.

A story by the CFA News
The incident control centre called the Wildlife Rescue Emergency Centre and Sue Kirwan from the ‘Help for Wildlife’ team spoke directly to firefighters on the ground.

"I asked if they could wait until I got back up there and they did," Sue said. "Those poor crews, four tankers and a couple of support vehicles, who had been working all day, waited about 40 mins for me to return. 
They then escorted me in and helped me catch this little girl."

With lots of love and attention from wildlife rehabilitators, Cindy is (almost) back on her feet! She will remain in care for at least another 12 months to make sure her burns are fully healed and she makes a full recovery.

For information on what to do if you find injured wildlife, check out the DEPI website.

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