Monday, 3 February 2014

Deer Park Killers Are Free

The gang of youths who are suspected of killing the Diggers Rest man last week have been freed with no charges.

Photo by the ABC.
Police hunt armed gang over fatal Melbourne attack (7pm TV News VIC) 
The police have not provided any details of the possible charges nor why the gang were released.

Last week, the gang of 10 teenagers, attacked a house in Billingham Road, Deer Park. They were brutal - smashing the house with metal bars, machetes and other weapons. By the time the police arrived two people were injured and the Diggers Rest man was dead. It is rumoured that the attack as over a girl but this is yet to be validated.

Whoever, the killer is, he is still on the streets. The police stated that the youths know each other and so the attackers, or defenders, may be a threat to anyone linked to them.

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