Monday, 3 February 2014

Have Your Say - Sunbury or Melton

The storm rages on about whether Sunbury will break off into an independent council.

Image: Jen Jewel Brown & David Pepperell at Sunbury 1973
The majority of Hume residents voted to get Sunbury Out Of Hume. Strangely there was not a lot of thought about the boundaries of the new council and now there is a mystery about whether: Melbourne Airport, Tullamarine, Bulla, Romsey, Clarkefield, Riddells Creek, and Diggers Rest should be inside the fence line.

We all know that Diggers Rest is tightly entwined with Sunbury in almost every way, including clubs, events, business, tourism and shopping. However there are many pros and cons to think about for the new council.

  • There might be a vision and direction to direct the rapidly expanding suburbs.
  • An independent council might focus on doing something meanfingful about the traffic congestion.
  • A shared council may run combined events and bring about a closer partnership.
  • Both Sunbury and Diggers Rest would no longer be considered rate cash cows for the Hume and Melton councils.
  • More bureaucrats and politicians to absorb community funds - as if we don't have enough already.
  • Initially reduced services due to lower population revenue.
  • Expecting at least a 14 % rate increase for residents of the Diggers Rest township.
A Sunbury Consultative Committee is being established by the Victorian Government to give input and determine the feasibility study. Submissions due by by 5pm Monday 17 February 2014.

Have your say now. Is this a good idea? What else should be considered?

Do you want to stay with Melton and receive very basic services or be part of the Sunbury council?

Feature article in the Sunbury and Macedon Weekly

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