Friday, 7 February 2014

Fires Will Quickly Become Uncontrollable

Extreme and severe heat will strike Victoria this weekend and the entire state is ready to burn warns the CFA.

The CFA has declared a Total Fire Ban (TFB) for the whole state of Victoria for the weekend ahead of hot, dry and windy conditions.

With severe and extreme conditions predicted, Chief Officer Euan Ferguson said he wanted people to be vigilant and prepared.
“The whole state is very dry and ready to burn. With hot, windy conditions predicted over the weekend, the fire danger is extreme,” he said.
“A fire could start anywhere in the state and if one starts, it will travel fast.
“Now is the time to talk to your family and friends, make your plans and prepare.
“If you’re thinking of travelling somewhere this weekend, be aware of the conditions in that area and stay informed.”
Fire Danger Ratings over the weekend are very high, severe and extreme in parts of the state on Sunday. As these are updated regularly, please keep up-to-date by checking the VicEmergency website:
During a TFB, subject to exceptions, no fire can be lit in the open air or be allowed to remain alight in the open air between 00:01 and 23:59.
A full rundown of what can and can’t be done during a TFB is available here.

For radio updates, stayed tuned to ABC 774.

Brief from CFA HQ briefing for CFA members

We wish everyone stays safe this weekend.

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