Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Sunbury First Council Election In 2016

The first election for the new council at Sunbury will be in 2016.

Photograph extract from The Border Mail
Local Government Minister Jeanette Powell clarified the timing of the poll when she and two members of the project panel visited the town last week.

The three-person panel will report by the end of June on the best method by which Sunbury and some of its neighbouring districts will break away from Hume.

Mrs Powell promised the two municipalities – Hume and “whatever [the new one] will be called” – would be fairly divided, with assets and services apportioned so both areas would be sustainable.

She said issues such as what the new municipality would be called and whether it would include districts such as Diggers Rest, which is part of Melton municipality, were for people to raise in their submissions to the panel and for the panel to decide.

Read full story at the Northern Weekly by Helen Grimaux

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