Wednesday, 5 February 2014

VLine Assault In Sunbury

Officers were too heavy-handed  when they removed a man, who had been drinking cider on the train.

Victoria's ombudsman has described the treatment of a V/Line passenger as heavy-handed after he was thrown to the ground and held there for nine minutes for drinking on a train. The 62-year-old man was travelling from Castlemaine to Melbourne last March when he was detained at the Sunbury railway station.

Security footage shows the V/Line authorised officers escorting the man off the train with his pants around his ankles before forcibly restraining him on the ground.

Authorised officers are employed by public transport operators to check tickets, prevent anti-social behaviour and are allowed to arrest a person who is alleged to have committed an offence under the Transport Act. However, the officers used unnecessary force and has recommended that their training be reviewed.

The ombudsman has also recommended that security cameras be installed on all V/Line trains.

V/Line has apologised to the man involved.

Who saw this man? Were the VLine officers too heavy handed and what made them act is such a way?

Original Report by The ABC, 5 February 2014

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