Thursday, 6 February 2014

Western Ring Road Camera Warning

New fixed speed cameras on the Western Ring Road have begun forcing fines today.

Photo of the speed camera at the Western Ring Road, Keilor East.
Photo: Luis Enrique Ascui for The Age
The cameras, west of Sydney Road, will detect speeding motorists in both the east and west-bound lanes. The cameras were deactivated during road works on the Western Ring Road and have been upgraded.

Variable message signs have been set up to warn drivers over the past two weeks. The message signs will remain in place for the next fortnight, with the sign changed to “Cameras now enforcing.”

During a four-week test period, the cameras detected more than 10,900 speeding offences, including 9533 in the eastern lanes and 1411 in the western lanes.

Read the original article from the Victoria Police News

No doubt that it will raise much needed revenue for the state government. The police are claiming that the new speed cameras are there to reduce the road toll.

Speed camera locations can be found on the Australian Speed Cameras website

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