Thursday, 20 March 2014

Charles Watson Begins History

Charles Watson has collated local history records all of his life. Now he is biting the bullet to start a Diggers Rest history book.

Charlie Watson and Shirley Van Keulen. Photo: Matthew Furneaux
If you look around town then you will see many mementos of the heritage including the Jack Sanger grave, Harry Houdini monuments and photographs in the old school house. Charles (or Charlie to those who are lucky to be his friend) has been instrumental in driving most of those projects and contributed much of his knowledge and time in creating an identity for Diggers Rest. His knowledge has brought about several historical articles compiled here on Diggers Rest Talk History.

Charles has rooms full of historical records and learned many interesting facts directly from people who were there. His curiosity and generosity in history is boundless, addictive and fascinating to listen to.

The big problem for Charles has been knowing when to draw a line in the sand to start writing a book. He now believes that, although there are some more facts that he would like to gather, the time is ripe to put pen to paper. Author Shirley Van Keulen, who is Watson’s cousin and also attended Diggers Rest Primary School, will help with the book.

The Lions Club, who are custodians of local history, recognise how important a book would be to our community and have put their full support behind Charles.

This book is not part of the "Diggers Rest History Project" organised by other local residents. However, they are welcome to contribute information to help Charles complete the story.

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