Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Diggers Rest Pub Demolished - Not Yet

According to Ami Humpage of the Herald Sun, a proposal to demolish the Diggers Rest Hotel was deferred by the Melton Council on Tuesday, 4 March 2014.

The council’s planning manager, Luke Shannon, said if the hotel remains were demolished, there would only be limited options for rebuilding. “If the building remains and is used as part of a rebuild, a hotel or similar enterprise would be permitted,” he said. “But demolition of the heritage place will not allow a hotel, pub or commercial enterprise to be built, limiting the options of the owners.”

To many residents, the ruin is an eyesore and they are frustrated with the lack of progress. However, with a new tavern being proposed for development on the north side of Vineyard Road, there will be no social hub for the older part of town.

From a heritage viewpoint, the ruin represents the last significant historical site built in the gold rush era. The hotel was formally named, 'The Oval Hotel" where great sporting events occurred including Coursing and a rumoured Diggers Rest vs Collingwood football match. If the ruins are removed then nothing of the gold rush ere will remain in township.

Read the full article at the Herald Sun, Melton Council defers application to demolish derelict Diggers Rest Hotel

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