Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Haylands Souvenir Wins at the National Clydesdale and Heavy Horse Festival

12 year old Clydesdale stallion, owned by Diggers Rest local identity Barbara Ford, was awarded the Supreme Led (Best in show for all breeds).

Picture by Kris Riechl
This article is an extract from the original story by Ami Humpage for the Melton Leader, 4th March 2014.

Barbara hand raised the two day old orphan, caring and raising him into a beautiful champion. She says that Haylands Souvenir comes from a good line of champions which started from her father Hugh Barry.

The champion stallion has also won awards at the Royal Melbourne Show and the Royal Summer Show.

Congratulations Barb. He is a very handsome and gentle horse.

For local produce including hay, peastraw, grain and poultry feed; visit Barb at Glencol, corner of Holden and Plumpton Road, Diggers Rest.

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