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Men's Shed for Diggers Rest?

Would a Men's shed work in Diggers Rest?

Photo extracted from The Shed Online
Its been on the drawing board for several years and, with more fellows becoming interested, when would a shed be established?

Men’s Sheds originated from the shed in a backyard scenario, where a man would go and carry out tasks, such as restoring furniture or fixing lawn mowers. The first Men’s shed was Lane Cove Community Shed, which was founded for “Shedless” men. The Shed also encouraged social activities and friendships, while providing vital health information to its members.

Men's Sheds are now established as part of the health infrastructure that supports programs to improve men's health and well being. Mensheds Australia (MSA) plays a role in building the viability of Men's sheds through their commercial activities, and their programs to achieve health outcomes.

The Lions Club of Diggers Rest helped sponsor the newest Sunbury Men's Shed to get started in 2012. At that time, the Lions recognised that there were not enough folk who would be able to form an independent Diggers Rest shed. The Lions Club kept in touch with the Sunbury Men's Shed to see how many Diggers Rest men joined up. Since then the Sunbury Men's Shed has been very successful and continues to grow within the Sunbury community.

There are several sheds around Diggers Rest that could be restored and recently a redundant Electrification shed has become available. Getting a Men's shed running well can be quite an undertaking and the needs a good committee, structure, sponsors, and support from organisations like the local council and service clubs. We understand that the first Sunbury Men's shed was running okay but the building was too small and the group struggled to grow for various reasons.

Recently a local resident, David O'Conner, has found a determination to start a Men's shed in Diggers Rest. David has contact with Council and, we believe, is looking at the old Electrification shed as a possible starting point.

As previously reported in Diggers Rest Talk, Diggers Rest has an exceptional number of community minded people but most of them are already involved in existing clubs (some of which are struggling to survive).

How many people are interested in a local Men's shed today? What would you like to get out of it? Is it a good time to begin a new club when the existing community groups are on the brink of collapse?

Find out more about Men's Shed at The Shed Online and the Australian Men's Shed Association.

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