Saturday, 15 March 2014

Remember to Register Your Dogs and Cats in Melton

Under State legislation, every dog or cat over three months of age and residing in the City of Melton must be registered with Council. Every dog or cat, which has been registered, must be re-registered by 10 April each year.

All animals that are being registered for the first time or have moved from another municipality must also be microchipped.

Registration fees pay for a number of important programs and services, including animal management facilities, dog attack prevention programs and animal management staff.

To avoid any penalties for unregistered pets, you can obtain an animal registration form from the Melton City Council Civic Centres in Melton and Caroline Springs or download the Animal Registration form (includes current fees).

Dog registration fees vary from $13 - $155, the average cost is $26; there are discounts for pensioner’s dogs and no costs for guide dogs. Cat registration fees vary from $9 - $60, with the average cost being $18.

Article by Melton City Council, 13 March 2014

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