Saturday, 15 March 2014

Sunbury Community Consultative Committee Appointed

On Friday, 14th March 2014, Minister for Local Government Jeanette Powell announced the membership of a new committee to drive community consultation on the establishment of Sunbury as a new local government municipality.

Mrs Powell said the Sunbury Community Consultative Committee (CCC) will now consult broadly by engaging with the community on matters it believes need investigation and consideration.

“Issues such as possible boundary suggestions, communities of interest, distribution of assets and delivery of municipal services will no doubt be topical,” Mrs Powell said.

“I wish to thank all those who nominated and congratulate the successful nominees who represent the broad interests of the community and have indicated they are prepared to listen and engage with the people of Hume.”

Chaired by Amanda Millar MP, members of the committee include:

  • Catherine Borazio – extensive local government and industry experience, currently completing masters in urban planning and development;
  • Susan Duncan – former president of Lions Club of Sunbury, member of Bulla Cemetery Trust;
  • John Hennessy – strategic planning consultant with experience in strategic local government directions;
  • Elizabeth Kosanovic – president Broadmeadows Progress Association;
  • Phillip Lithgow – president of Sunbury Football Club, former local business owner;
  • Peter Ralph – local business owner and past member Sunbury Chamber of Commerce, Sunbury Village Traders and Sunbury Community Health Centre Board;
  • Phillip Ripper – chief executive officer of Sunbury Community Health Centre, extensive experience in public policy including health and service development and community engagement; and
  • Lawrence Seyers – vice president of Sunbury Residents Association, 2011 Victorian Planning and Environmental Law Association ‘Young Professional’ award recipient.
Mrs Millar said she was looking forward to working with the committee to achieve the best outcomes for Sunbury and Hume residents.

Under the Local Government Act 1989, Mrs Powell has also appointed the Sunbury out of Hume City Council Panel who are charged with the responsibility of recommending the most effective way to achieve the successful separation of Sunbury from the City of Hume.

“The committee will complement the work of the Sunbury out of Hume Local Government Panel and ensure the separation of Sunbury is informed by the community,” Mrs Powell said.

Article by Premier of Victoria Department
Photograph of Victorian Local Government Minister Jeanette Powell by News Limited

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