Friday, 18 April 2014

Diggers Rest Likely To Miss Out

Melton Council chief Kelvin Tori says a submission to the Sunbury out of Hume Panel suggested Diggers Rest not be included in the new council area.

Diggers Rest residents are unsure about whether they want to be part the proposed Sunbury Council and, without decisive action, the communities may be split for the foreseeable future.

Reality dawned when a listening post about Sunbury’s imminent split from Hume Council was held in the town on April 4.

Several townsfolk presented their concerns that Diggers Rest has not been properly consulted. There have been no briefings about implications of rate fees, policing, overall town planning, and coordination.

Unfortunately, without more confidence and better local leadership, Diggers Rest maybe aligned with the wrong council for many years. Diggers Rest Talk do not know why the Diggers Rest Residents Association has not engaged in the negotiations and representations and would welcome opinions from the group and broader community.

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