Saturday, 26 April 2014

Diggers Rest Talk - What Is The Future?

By June 2014, Diggers Rest Talk will have run for six months and its time to look back and think forward.

The online newspaper started with the intention of giving something the community that might be valuable. It has been considered a hobby that promised nothing more than to present an overall view of the Diggers Rest and Sunbury region.

There have been some mistakes and surprises.

We have learned what the community likes to read about and we know a little about what people consider to be important. We have uncovered mysteries, found lost things, revealed a bit about history and kept up with current affairs.

An increasing number of organisations and individuals are supporting it with their contributions and, pleasantly surprising, the local newspapers are accepting the publications. Recently, businesses have asked to be associated and we welcome businesses that give back to the community. The best help to date has been a photographer, under the name of Josh Logan, who has sent in some terrific photos of local events.

The online newspaper is time consuming, costly and it feels like its a bit of an obligation to keep up to date. Also some people are reluctant to engage with the online newspaper, making it a little harder to find articles.

The question now is, "What should we do with the site?"

Is it a waste of time, an asset, something that should change somehow? Is it something you would like to continue and what would you do if you owned it?

Please be sensible about feedback. Stupid, negative comments usually turn people away and reflect poorly on the author's creditability.

Have your say about it.

P.S. We may hold an open meeting in May / June - if Barry installs tables and chairs at the post office.

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