Monday, 28 April 2014

Digital Water Meter Trial in Diggers Rest Using Technology to Track Leaks

Leader Newspaper, Ami Humpage, reports that Western Water is plugging leaks in the west through the use of state-of-the-art digital water meters.

 Photograph: "Dripping Water From Tap" by Frank Baron for the Guardian

With the potential to save thousands of litres of water, 55 of the leak-detecting meters have been fitted at properties in Diggers Rest for a two-year trial.

A “bulk meter” that tracks the total amount of water going into the area has also been installed.

Western Water customer and community relations general manager Peter Donlon said up to 10 per cent of water used was lost each year to slow leaks from its 1824km of pipes. “These leaks are difficult to find, but this technology could help us prioritise our maintenance, potentially saving a significant amount of water,” he said.

The Intellegent Water Network program involves 19 water corporations working with the Office of Living Victoria, the Department of Environment and Primary Industries and water industry body Vicwater.

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