Friday, 18 April 2014

Earth Festival Could Put Diggers Rest on the Map

Would you do something meaningful? Do you care about our town, community and what is happening to the earth?

Earth fairs and festivals are popping up around the world to give people a better life, show them a better environment and encourage them to have a better future. Rob Mackay believes that our environment is at risk and wants to put Diggers Rest on the map of Australia by running a great day out. If you are interested in applying to be part of it then contact Diggers Rest Talk,, to tell us what you would do.

What is an Earth Festival?


Performers are invited to sing, act, and show their talents to highlight the importance of looking after our place. Even if you only care about art, you’ll find a place at this festival. Live bands play in concerts throughout the day and evening, and you’ll see performance arts, like dances. Visual artists like painters, movie-makers, tattoo-artists, decorators and sculptures bring their creations to this event. The festival also features a market with all kinds of homemade wares.

Children's Activities

Children's Activity Area you’ll find crafts, games, face painting, storytelling, and a hands-on activities for children of all ages. Activities are intended to educate, entertain and inspire youth, in the spirit of Earth Day. Participants usually learn how to make paper, find out about recycling, make gift cards from recycled materials, and learn how to visit wild areas without disturbing the environment. Children’s stage features youth-oriented performances throughout the day.


Local produce makers, craftsmen, gardeners and recycle collectors present their wares for public sale. The market offers an array of goods for everyone who wants to do their bit and find good deals. This festival would take place mainly outside. All of the workshops, concerts, stalls, and other venues have tents to house them, but everyone stays outside for the most part.


An exhibition area showcases products and technologies that can make your home more environmentally sustainable. If you're building a new structure, or adding to an existing home, alternative home-building technologies, such as straw bale and steel-frame construction, would be of interest. Find out about energy- and resource-saving products and materials, like energy-efficient appliances and low-energy windows. A wide variety of solar electric systems – to help you get off the grid – would be shown.

Is an Earth Festival feasible?

Diggers Rest is a great place for the event. We have one of the most community minded societies in Australia and we have organisations who are likely to back such an event. We have the land and the know how to run great events.

When would it begin?

Firstly, lets see if we can put together a committee. A good time frame is six months and good weather helps a lot. So probably close to Christmas. The most difficult task would be getting the word out so we would need to have enough time to invite the entertainers and exhibitors.

What about money?

The event should aim to produce a viable profit. Funds raised by the event would ideally be directed towards Australian victims of climate change (bush fires, floods, cyclones).

Would if be an annual event?

One step at a time. Lets see if we can pull the first one off and learn from it.

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