Monday, 7 April 2014

Scouts Celebrate Their Founder At Woodlands Homestead

Diggers Rest lead the Founders Day service and everyone had a great time.

The park was a beautiful backdrop and the weather booked was perfect. Everyone was invited to bring along their bikes and follow the trails through the park to discover some of the hidden treasures and admire the view.

The whole of Hume District joined in the celebrations of Founders day by heading to Woodlands Homestead.

The Wildwood fire Brigade dropped in and gave the kids something special as well by letting them climb all over the truck and squirt the hose. There were games to be played and of course the picnic lunch under the large trees and in the rotunda were very YUM.

Everyone had fun except maybe the temporary FLAGPOLE they had to use for the service!!!!

Article by Scouts Victoria

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