Friday, 18 April 2014

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee - May 2014

The Boiler House Theatre, Directed by Bianca James, presents a hilarious show not to be missed.

A junior high school gym is set up to host the county spelling finals. Winners from local elementary and middle schools begin to arrive and check in with the bee's long-time hostess—and Former champion—Rona Lisa Pereti.

Audience volunteers are also welcomed to the stage. A glitch: Speller Olive Ostrovsky does not have her entrance Fee; she hopes her father will set there soon to straighten it out. Vice Principal Douglas Panch of Lake Hemingway-Dos Passos Junior High is announced as the day's word pronouncer - he's a last minute substitute for an ailing superintendent. Panch has a dubious track record at the bee but will try to do better this time.

The rules are explained. When a speller misses a word a bell will ring - ding - and the speller must immediately leave the stage, escorted, by the bee's comfort-counsellor, Mitch Mahoney.


Chip Tolentino:  Nick Linton
William Barfee:  Greg Claringbold
Leaf Coneybear:  Justin Bell
Mitch Mahoney:  Richie Barclay
Vice Principal Douglas Panch:  Shane Mattox
Logainne SchwartzandGrubenierre:  Fleur Bain
Olive Ostrovsky:  Emma Grant
Marcy Park:  Taleisha Calvert
Rona Lisa Peretti:  Jane McGeorge
Leigh Johnson
Stacy Zawila
Julie Paice
Felicity Legg
Amy Morvell

Show dates: Saturday, 3rd May, Sunday 4th May, Friday 9th May, Saturday 10th May, Sunday 11th May.
ADULTS ONLY show Thursday 15th May, Friday 16th May, and Saturday 17th May


Boilerhouse Theatre
Boilerhouse Road Jackson's Hill
Sunbury, Victoria 3429

Phone: 0449 540 915

Boilerhouse Theatre
Boilerhouse Road Jackson's Hill
Sunbury, Victoria 3429

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