Sunday, 25 May 2014

A Photo Gallery of the Sunbury Electrification Project

Take a look through the photographs of the Sunbury Electrification Project in Wongm's Rail Gallery.

Electrification of the Bendigo line between Sydenham and Sunbury started in 2008, and was completed in 2012. Diggers Rest and Sunbury stations were upgraded, a new stabling yard built at the end of the line, overhead wires were installed above the tracks, and four new traction substations were built.

About Wongm...

Wongm first started taking photographs of trains back in 2005, when he was a student commuting daily from Geelong to Melbourne, and started to take an interest in the trains that were taking him to university daily.
In the years since he has taken over a hundred thousand photos, with tens of thousands of them uploaded to this site - as someone who never knew the limitations of film, he took far too many photos of the same thing and need to cull them down!

His early photographs were taken around Geelong and Melbourne in his downtime between classes, but soon after he branched out into chasing trains across the Victorian countryside in his clapped out Ford Laser.
After a few years on Railpage, he became known as 'the guy who takes lots of train photos around Geelong', but that changed in 2010 when he moved up to Melbourne. With that move came full time work and an end of gallivanting across the state, resulting in trams and suburban trains becoming his usual photography targets.

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