Sunday, 4 May 2014

Lions Make Noise At The Burras

Lions Club of Diggers Rest proudly donated funds for the Burras PA System.

Photo: Smiling President Chris Payne using the new PA System at Selections Night

Many events are hosted at the Burras club but, until now, the facility was without a good sound system. President Chris Payne is glad that the clubs and the wider community will benefit from the system and thanked the Lions for their hard work in raising the funds.

Chris said, "No longer will we be yelling over a room full of people on Selection Nights, Presidents Luncheons and other events in the Club Rooms, or eating into the valuable profits of major functions by paying for the hire of equipment and working out who’s going to return it on the Monday. A powerful and portable system with two speakers on stands, cordless microphones and music connectivity will allow us to set it up whenever and wherever we need it."

Read more at the Burras

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