Sunday, 8 June 2014

Bulla Tip Stinks

Our community is getting increasingly worried about the Bulla Rubbish Tip and some residents requested Diggers Rest Talk to follow this subject.

Photograph by Daniel De Carteret - Bulla landfill failed to cover asbestos waste

Extract of article by  Helen Grimaux of the Northern Star Weekly, 6 May 2014

Bulla and Tullamarine residents kick up tip stink

There’s something rotten about the Bulla tip, neighbour Carmel Egan claimed last week. Citing clouds of dust, paper and plastic rubbish, mud and an acrid smell, other neighbours say there are times they could not invite friends over or enjoy the outdoors because of the odour.

A recent Hume council meeting agenda included a request to extend the life of the privately owned tip on Sunbury Road in Bulla, and a decision to abandon development plans for buffer land around the former Tullamarine toxic waste dump at Westmeadows.

Nineteen speakers told councillors what they thought during the two minutes they were each allocated for feedback during question time. Bulla residents argued strongly against extending the tip’s permit for another 10 years and urged councillors to limit the extension to three years, as proposed by Cr Jack Ogilvie.

Extract of Report by Daniel De Carteret, Dangerous Ground, Monash University Arts, 2 August 2012

Government agencies failed to respond adequately to asbestos risk

A lack of coordination between the Environment Protection Authority, WorkSafe Victoria and local government has raised questions about the handling of public health incidents arising from potential exposure to asbestos fibres.

An EPA report produced after an inspection of a landfill in Bulla found that asbestos had not been covered sufficiently to prevent the release of fibres to the air

While the EPA put an action plan in place to ensure environmental impacts were resolved, an investigation by Monash University investigative journalism students found that neither WorkSafe nor Hume City Council were brought in to assess the human health risks.

More will follow as this story unfolds. Let Diggers Rest Talk know about it.

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