Sunday, 1 June 2014

Our Tennis Champions Take The Finals

Two teams triumphed to win the finals this week.

Photograph by Michelle Mackay of B Grade Team

The B Grade Two Ladies team with Tayla Gill, Michelle Mackay, Susan Mackay, Mara Cassar and Pamela Allan won the flag. Their season began very slow. They struggled to make an impression on ladder in the first three quarters of the season and thought they had no chance of making the finals. Then, with only four games left and sitting second last on the ladder, the team came together. They won every match including beating the number one team. Before they knew it, they made the semi final then took the grand final with a score of 31 vs 18.

Photo by Kathy Skinner of the D Special Team

The D Special Ladies team (Lauren Skinner, Cassidy Mihalenko, Emma Skinner and Emer O'Connell) formed at the beginning of the season but were rusty at the start. Most had not played since junior tennis, two girls had never played competition before and the team only had once chance to practice before starting the comp. They immediately got along well and it wasn't long before they became the team to beat- losing only two games. Cassidy Mihalenko was the gun of the team and improved even further throughout the season. The ladies really enjoyed the friendship and loved the after games suppers. Hopefully they will play again next season in a higher grade. An impressive grand final win of 36 to 15.

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