Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Rotary Are Feeding The Many Every Monday Night

It began with a good idea to help the needy and grew into a great success. Now, you can give the kitchen a little help with a simple vote.

Photograph by the Rotary Club, Working in the kitchen
In September 2013, the Rotary Club of Sunbury started a community kitchen to feed people with hardship. Rotarian Neil Williams with his wife Maryanne ran the first free weekly three-course meals for people in need. Only two customers turned up on that first evening.

Now the Monday nights are packed with people with full tummies and good friendship. It has brought new hope and changed lives. People are enjoying healthy meals and have hope of defeating depresion and loneliness. They talk, engage and laugh as they sit in good company.

The community kitchen is run by volunteers but still costs money. With ongoing costs exceeding $4,500 they need help financially to make it viable. Recently, the Sunbury Rotary Kitchen entered a competition to win a  $1,000 grant from the Leader newspapers and are asking for everyone's vote to win.

The Rotary Club do a lot of work outside of the kitchen to makeup the finance shortfall. You would probably see them around town at sausage sizzles, raffles and events to continually raise funds that are needed for all sorts of charities.

It's a great cause run by great people who care. Give them a hand by voting online.

Vote for the kitchen at the Leader Newspaper
or follow the project on Facebook

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