Friday, 29 November 2013

Maggots In HighPoint Food Court

A word of advise, be careful when you take food from strangers. Chloe McSaveney was horrified by the discovery of maggots in her sushi.

Excerpt from the article in The Age, Maggot found in sushi at Highpoint,  29 November 2013 

Photo: Simon Schluter

At a table at Maribyrnong's Highpoint shopping centre during a busy lunch hour last month, the university student started to splutter and panic.

When her boyfriend demanded an explanation from the shop, Sushi Sushi, staff threw the roll in the bin, and offered a refund, Ms McSaveney said.

Highpoint centre staff rushed her to the medical clinic upstairs and retrieved the infested sushi roll. It was whisked away by Maribyrnong Council health inspectors for analysis in a laboratory.

Two weeks later, the results were in – fly larvae. Maggots.

"The laboratory found a single live maggot in the sample provided," said the council's environmental health officer, Jonathan Brett.

"The presence of a maggot is unlikely to cause physical harm."

Ms McSaveney said she was still reeling from emotional impact.

Comment is being sought from Sushi Sushi.

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