Monday, 25 November 2013

Outer Metropolitan Ring Road Plans

In 2009, Vic Roads announced its revised outer metropolitan ring plan due to lobbying by property developers, including a company half-owned by Ron Walker. The plans shifted the road two kilometres west from the original concept.

Farmers and residents of Bulla and Diggers Rest were alarmed that their homes and livelihoods were going to disappear over night (or so it seemed). According to the Vic Roads Outer Metropolitan Ring / E6 transport corridor planning study, the project would being post 2020 and land will be compulsory acquired from the current owners prior to the project commencing.

Since 2009, there has been almost not more news or community alarms. What does that mean? Are the impacted property owners waiting to see what will happen? What will it mean to the traffic management plans and the property developments of Diggers Rest? Will it mean that the town folk will be able to travel better or are there more unforeseen implications?

Tell us what you think? Be heard!

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