Friday, 17 January 2014

1000 Fires Yesterday but Friday May Be Worse

Victoria dealt with 1,000 fires within 24 hours and some of those fires are still not contained. The temperature is expected to exceed 44 degrees and, with sudden wind changes and a possibility of thunderstorms, the smallest spark could mean deadly fires.

The heat is also be a silent killer. 300 Victorians will probably expire from the excessive heat this week. People and pets should stay under cover, drink a lot of water, avoid outdoor activities and avoid doing any work with machinery. If you're travelling, check the Fire Danger Rating for your destination on the CFA website before you go and when you arrive, and listen to local radio for warnings and advice while you’re on the road.

Services are also under strain. Electricity is on the brink to brown out 100,000 homes, fire crews are stretched and public transport is grinding to a halt from buckled tracks and over heated vehicles.

A Total Fire Ban is in place Friday 17 January 2014 for the whole state of Victoria. No fire can be lit in the open air or be allowed to remain alight in the open air between 00:01 hours on Friday 17th of January 2014 and 23:59 hours on Friday 17th of January 2014. Victorians are reminded that campfires are not allowed on a day of Total Fire Ban. Penalties for lighting fires illegally include large fines and possible imprisonment.

Remember: Stay Cool, Call 000 if you see a fire, take care of your loved ones and most importantly take care of yourself.

A Cool Change is expected to reach Diggers Rest and Sunbury around 8:00 pm Friday evening, plummeting the temperature by around 15 degees.

To find out what you can and can't do on a day of Total Fire Ban please visit:

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